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The Royal British Legion has been helping those in need for over 100 years and we're not going anywhere.

Here at the Staple Hill and District branch, we have our own Branch Community Support team headed up by Aileen Hulin.

Our team are fully trained and can offer anything from a regular chat on the phone to visiting people in hospital and at home.

If you think you might need help please reach out.

Contact Aileen


Telephone Buddies

Our Telephone Buddy scheme offers companionship, support and a friendly ear to anyone who is feeling lonely or isolated.

When people in our Armed Forces community feel isolated or lonely, we help them build connections. Through Telephone Buddies, individuals are provided with the opportunity to talk to someone, experience companionship and make new connections on a regular basis. This routine can help provide direct support to those who need it, whilst improving someone’s wellbeing.

The Legion has a robust system in place to provide a Telephone Buddy and Community Support service to our Armed Forces community. We have adapted this to make sure that we provide the service in a coordinated and safe manner.  Our Telephone Buddies are helping to keep individuals and communities connected, across the UK and beyond.

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Home and Hospital Visitors

If you are in hospital or you are at home and you need to see a friendly face or need a good chat, one of our supporters can arrange a convenient time to pop over and keep you company.

This can be a one-off or a regular visit.

Our team are trained and have the required DBS checks to keep you and them safe.

Please reach out if you want to access this service.

Funeral Support

If your loved one has passed and has served in the HM armed forces, we are honoured to provide our branch standard-bearer, Paul Chilcott to attend and help give them the send-off they deserve.

We also have coffin drapes and wreaths available. Please contact Branch Chairman, Scott Finnegan on 07896891189.

Aileen Hulin
Branch Community Support
Paul Chilcott
Standard Bearer
Crisis Grants

If you are struggling financially and need a little help, our branch can help you with a one-off crisis grant. We know you may not like to ask for assistance, but ultimately that is why we exist as a charity.

Please contact Aileen in the first instance.

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